Baboo cover

BABOO, The story of Sir John A. Macdonald’s daughter. This book is now out of print, but Red Diamond Books is hoping to re-issue this book in the near future.

Originally published by Groundwood Publishing, 1998. Picture book. Illustrations by Bill Wand. Bound: ISBN 0-88899-329-3


The London Free Press

“…This is a remarkable story of love, courage, patience and endurance. Bill Wand’s warmly coloured illustrations, which appear to be pastels on canvas, capture the playful intensity of this special father-daughter relationship. Baboo humanizes one of this country’s greatest leaders and tells a moving story about a child who lived life to the fullest despite her disabilities.”

Social Studies Curriculum Review Group, Ontario School Board

“This is a touching and intimate book that allows teachers to raise one of the most difficult equity issues, ability and disability, in an authentic historical context…”

Globe and Mail

“She may have spent her life in a wheelchair but her life was anything but confined and constrained.” “…undeniable charm in Ainslie Manson’s simple account of Baboo’s childhood in Ottawa…”

Quill and Quire

“We learn about (Mary Macdonald) through well-chosen anecdotes in this carefully researched account. Manson includes an exchange of charming letters between Mary and her father. Like “A Dog Came, Too, this books looks at a historical figure from the sidelines, so we meet Mary’s famous father as well.”


OUR CHOICE, Canadian Children’s Book Centre: 1998