Ballerina's Don't Wear Glasses cover

BALLERINAS DON’T WEAR GLASSES, fiction, picture book. Illustrations by Dean Griffiths.
Paper edition available now from Red Diamond Books.

Originally published by Orca Book Publishers. Spring 2000. ISBN: 1-55143-176-9

Review Excerpts

Quill and Quire

“Both Allison’s and Ben’s emotions and behaviour ring true and are presented with appealing, good-natured honesty. …the book is a delightful demonstration of how, with a bit of ingenuity, “too different” can be transformed into “winningly distinctive.”

Vancouver Sun

“(Ben) begins to see his pesky little sister as a person with feelings and to have empathy for her. Ben’s change of heart turns this funny tale of the eternal clash between older brothers and younger sisters into something more than a comic romp. The story’s theme of sibling compassion is sweet but never treacly, nor does it get in the way of the fun…”

The Globe and Mail

A tender book whose pictures and text dance a lovely pas de deux.

Children’s Literature Listserv, Rutgers Edu

“…probably one of the best picture books I’ve ever read… It’s a very realistic depiction of how an older sibling may not like the responsibility thrust upon him, but handles it well. …I’ve read this book to students from grades 1 to 7, and am finding that the younger ones enjoy it because they can see themselves in the story, while the older students enjoy it because someone is finally telling their story!”


OUR CHOICE, Canadian Children’s Book Centre, 2001.

Short list: Mr. Christie Award

BC 2000 Book Awards:

Winner of the 2003 Chocolate Lily Award (B.C.)