Roll On Cover

ROLL ON: Rick Hansen Wheels Around the World
could be considered a sequel to Boy In Motion, as it carries Hansen’s story on where Boy In Motion left off.
Picture book for 5 – 10 year olds.
Greystone Books, ISBN 978-1-771002-684 (pbk)


Roll On tells the story of Hansen’s 1985 Man in Motion World Tour when he wheeled around the world through 34 different countries. The tale is told through the eyes of children he meets along the way.

Review Excerpt

CM Magazine

“…The illustrations of the book appear to be acrylic paint on canvas, and they are very colourful. They indicate the mood of the story with the pages that show success being warm, bright colours and pages that show struggles mainly being cool, muted colours.
…There is a big lesson and discussion within this story, and Roll On would be well-suited to a school library or home collection, especially where further conversation could be encouraged about accessibility issues and awareness for differences and challenges that we all face.”